pexels-photoIt can be difficult to figure out how to choose and find the right epilator for you unique needs. Each epilator has specific accessories and features which are intended to meet the varied needs of different users. However, before purchasing an epilator, you must think about some factors and components that could influence your choice and judge which is the best epilator for you after making a decision based on these choices. And if your hair length is long you can trim hair before epilator. check the Bikini den best bikini trimmer. Its help to reduce pain. Having a complete purchasing guide available to you might help you to take the right decision astutely and have no regrets later on. Below are some key points and features to consider when searching for the epilator for your needs.

There are three sorts of Epilators available in the market: rotating spiral wire, multiple tweezers or rotating discs.

The spiral wire type epilator has springs that are looped together and separate so that when being used the springs catch the hair and pull it out. Since these springs are flexed consistently, they have a tendency to pop up and can often fail to remove the hair successfully. The springs can be purchased separately though and be refitted into the machine at any stage so that you can continue using the same epilator machine.

The second kind of epilators is the rotating disc type which utilizes the same system as the spring type but unlike using coiled springs, it utilizes rotating discs to remove the hair by the root.1-braun-epilator

The third and possibly best sort is the tweezers type epilator which is thought to be the most modern and best known epilator type. This epilator has plates instead of discs. When the head of epilator turns, these plates moving together and separate once per revolution, which creates a tweezing motion. In this way, the plates close near the skin and clamp onto the hair to remove it and releases the hair once the plates are away from the skin. Epilators come with differing amount of plates, creating a larger or smaller tweezing area.

All these epilators work efficiently and even though they work with different processes, they all effectively remove the hair from the pore.  Choosing the type you prefer would be a more personal choice as the differences between them are not that great, and all of the different hair removal styles function adequately for their design.

Wet or Dry?

In spite of the fact that epilation works better on dry skin, increasingly more women have begun to favor wet epilation since it is kinder to the skin and consequently offers a slightly lower level of pain. Most wet type epilators are specially designed to work in the shower or under the water and are cordless, so require chargin before use.

Tweezer quantity

Tweezer type epilators can have various number of tweezing plates. Having more tweezer plates is less time consuming as a larger area is covered at a time, but this can result in slightly more pain due to the increased number of hairs being removed per stroke.

Level of pain

The specific distinction can be difficult to make because this procedure consists of pulling the hair out by the root quickly. Depending on the type of epilator you use, some may cause you more pain than others, but this can also differ from person to person.  To get a little relief a few epilators come with accessories such as a cooling pack: a little sack of gel which you need to place it into the ice chest or cooler before starting your hair removal process,  and a glove with a pocket in it to put the sack of gel into.  You rub the area to be epilated with the glove before you start to try and numb the area slightly and reduce inflammation. You can also use cooling wipes which are recommended with some models.

For Various Body Areas

Most ladies use the epilator for legs and arms, but it can also be used for underarms, bikini line or face, but for this you will need an epilator which comes with different heads to allow you to remove hair from smaller, more sensitive areas. It is not ideal to use an epilator for overly sensitive skins though.

The epilators range in price from 30 to 120 dollars and best place to check  Your decision on which one you purchase will be based on your budget and your needs. If you take the above points into consideration, this could help you choose the exact epilator that will meet your specific needs and last you an adequate amount of time for the cost.  Value for money is based on the epilator being able to meet your requirements and being able to function as you require, so the choice remains yours on the type and cost of the epilator you ultimately choose.